Charlotte Event Venue Acoustics Are Pitch Perfect

Event Venue Acoustics Charlotte NCThe Grotto is a popular special event venue for festive fun located in Charlotte, North Carolina’s Historic South End District. When opening The Grotto, owner David Wells knew that the event venue acoustics needed to be pitch perfect for the facility’s overall success. Proprietor David Wells opened The Grotto in 2014 as a passion project – a sharp veer away from his 15-year-long tenure in IT.

Today, that passion project is a highly popular, 4,000-square-foot event venue that serves wedding receptions, corporate meetings, special events, live music events, fashion shows and more in the Charlotte area.

Sitting squarely in Charlotte’s hip South End District, The Grotto is an all-brick, industrial structure. The building’s architecture lends the facility a chic ambiance with just a hint of edge. Yet, as with other warehouse spaces, hard surfaces on all sides – ceilings, walls and floors – gave The Grotto high reverberation times, or time it takes for sound to absorb in a room. In short, the higher the reverberation time, the more noisy and the more problematic the acoustics.

Owner David Wells knew that the event venue acoustics needed to be pitch perfect for the facility’s overall success. So, David called acoustics specialists Performance Acoustics to assess the space and recommend and install specialty acoustical solutions that wouldn’t take away from the venue’s overall look.

Performance Acoustics tested reverberation times in The Grotto and assessed the venue’s acoustical problem areas. After the assessment, Performance Acoustics recommended an install of 140 panels of pinta acoustic ceiling tiles, custom-painted to match the interior ceiling.

The Grotto acoustical project took less than 48 hours to complete. The result is an event venue that draws high praise from patrons for its ambiance, music and dance floor. “It’s a warm and inviting atmosphere,” raves patron Kathy Laughlin. “The dance floor and sound system are excellent – it’s the perfect location for a dance party!”

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