The Solution to Open-Concept Office Backlash

The open-concept office layout has taken the corporate world by storm. Cubicles have been removed in an attempt to increase productivity and recruit new talent. Removing walls and barriers was supposed to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among the workforce. Words like “hip,” and “trendy,” were used to describe these office settings. Companies… Read more »

Charlotte Event Venue Acoustics Are Pitch Perfect

The Grotto is a popular special event venue for festive fun located in Charlotte, North Carolina’s Historic South End District. When opening The Grotto, owner David Wells knew that the event venue acoustics needed to be pitch perfect for the facility’s overall success. Proprietor David Wells opened The Grotto in 2014 as a passion project… Read more »

Breakwater Restaurant & Bar

The goal for any successful business is to create lasting relationships and lifelong customers. As we all know, one bad experience can quickly turn into a negative online review. The team at Breakwater Restaurant & Bar in Greenville, South Carolina understands the importance of the customer experience and looked to Fusion Commercial AV and Performance Acoustics when they… Read more »

Indaco Restaurant Noise Problem Solved after Acoustical Overhaul

Situation The Indaco Restaurant noise problem was well-known among Charleston’s downtown diners. The exceptional restaurant had received both popular and critical acclaim since the eatery’s opening in 2013, including being named “best new restaurant by Modern Luxury magazine. While the restaurant’s stellar menu and hip vibe were drawing praise, it was also gaining a reputation… Read more »

The Ordinary’s Restaurant Noise Reduced

The Ordinary’s restaurant noise reduced in a flash thanks to acoustics specialists, Performance Acoustics. Charleston’s The Ordinary has achieved acclaim and landed on several “Best of” lists over the years. However, they also racked up noise complaints. From the day the restaurant’s doors opened, The Ordinary started receiving noise complaints. These complaints ultimately tapered off,… Read more »

How Do Home Theaters Get the Perfect Sound? Experts Share Their Tricks of the Trade

Home theaters are growing in popularity as designs are evolving to become more multi-purpose. With an increase in design possibilities comes a plethora of tools as well as the need for acoustical experts to complete each custom home theater project. While home theater trends are ever-evolving, the most important component of any home theater project remains: the… Read more »

Noise is Reduced in Community Clubhouse

This past fall, a South Carolina (SC) community clubhouse, Cobblestone, had a need for noise reduction. “Since we use the clubhouse for meetings, cards, dinners and the like, folks were shouting over one another and the noise was unbearable,” remarks resident Henry Frantz. “We needed to reduce the noise and fast.” Henry submitted his request… Read more »