Breakwater Restaurant & Bar

The goal for any successful business is to create lasting relationships and lifelong customers. As we all know, one bad experience can quickly turn into a negative online review. The team at Breakwater Restaurant & Bar in Greenville, South Carolina understands the importance of the customer experience and looked to Fusion Commercial AV and Performance Acoustics when they needed help.

Problem: Noisy Bar 

The restaurant is a local favorite and houses one of the most popular bars in the region. On any given night, the Breakwater’s bar is filled with young and lively professionals. The noise in the bar started to become a problem for patrons in the neighboring dining room. After seeing negative online reviews about the noise in the restaurant, the team at Breakwater Restaurant & Bar knew it was time for something to be done. From bars to office spaces, the last thing people want to do is yell over one another.

Fusion took the time to understand the problem. While beautiful, the space was not designed with acoustics in mind. Partnering with Performance Acoustics, Fusion analyzed the bar area, measured the reverberation time in room, and found a 3 second noise delay in the space. A combination of the sleek floors, drop ceiling, and rigid bar were causing the noise delay, making it difficult to socialize.

Solution: Acoustical Ceiling Panels & Baffles to Blend 

Fusion and Performance Acoustics put together a team and a plan to help reduce noise in the bar without compromising the integrity of the space.  The plan was to strategically place sounds absorbing panels and baffles in the bar area. After working with the restaurant to help ensure that the installation would not impact the current aesthetics, the team was ready to move forward.

The installation only took 4 hours and included 18 panels on the ceiling and 18 baffles behind the bar. Quick, easy, and turnkey – Fusion Commercial AV and Performance Acoustics brought the sound delay time down from 3 seconds to 1 second.

Raising the Bar

The space where you work is a canvas. The manager of Breakwater Restaurant & Bar could hear the results that night. The bar experience was enhanced immediately. Patrons were able to hear the music in the background and socialize without raising their voices.

“We are here to create life-long customers by providing them with innovative technology and exceptional service; sometimes a small change can make a huge difference,” said Andrew Wactor, vice president of Fusion Commercial AV (FCAV). “Simply put, we are committed to solving problems for our clients, and we partner with the right people, like Performance Acoustics, to do it.”

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