Church Halls

Acoustics are an integral part of any church service. Good acoustics allows the spoken word to be heard clearly and distinctly. The choir and music also sound crisper and full of energy. Poor acoustics can cause speech to sound muddled and hard to distinguish while music seems too loud to comprehend and enjoy.

Solving these problems is not difficult, but having the right partner is key. And that is where Performance Acoustics can help. By analyzing the space, taking into account the different types of surfaces and the overall dimensions, we can craft a plan to acoustically treat the space.

Traditionally, acoustical problems were handled one of two ways. Hire an expensive acoustical consultant to come in and write a report. But these are costly and someone still has buy and install the products. Or churches could go at it alone – buying materials and installing them on their own without really knowing what to buy and where to place them. The real problem here is that adding too much acoustic treatment can drain the life from the service and not enough treatment fails improve the overall sound and experience.

Performance Acoustics is a total solutions provider. We will come on-site, take physical and acoustical measurements, draft an acoustical treatment plan, furnish the materials and install the products. We then conduct post-installation measurements to document improvements.

For over 20 years, churches, AV integrators and sound techs have trusted Performance Acoustics to deliver quality results.