We’ve probably all had the experience of being in a school or church gymnasium while there is a game or production going on and experiencing very loud sounds. Because of the high volume of space in gyms and all the hard, reflective surfaces present, sound waves simply build on one another and do not dissipate. So, any sound produced actually gets louder even if the source volume stays the same! Amplified music, voices, bouncing basketballs, squeaking shoes – all sound almost deafening.

But there is a solution to harsh gym sounds and we can help. Performance Acoustics has helped quiet down lots of gyms over the last 20 years. Give us a call and we will come on-site, take physical and acoustical measurements, then create a plan for addressing the acoustics and lowering the overall noise level. Our crews can install the acoustical products and we can then follow-up with post-installation acoustical measurements.

Improving the acoustics in gymnasiums will make for a much more peaceful and enjoyable experience in any gym – whether you are playing basketball or watching a play.