Home Theater Acoustic Products & Solutions in Charlotte, NC

Contrary to a popular myth, the most critical factor of great sounding home theaters is not the speakers, receivers or even the movie sound track itself, but the actual acoustical properties of the room. Many things contribute to the overall sound quality, but the room itself and the surfaces in that space dictate what sound waves will (and won’t) do. A room with hard, reflective surfaces will result in lots of echo, harsh reflections and a booming build-up of sound waves. Sounds in the space will be loud, muddled and flat. With the proper plan and acoustical materials in place, the room will sound bright and alive with music and dialogue sounding crisp and clean.

Many people spend hours researching, and lots of money buying the perfect speakers yet neglect to think about the acoustical properties of the room. This is where we can help. Performance Acoustics can help you build a great sounding home theater or dedicated listening room from scratch – or retrofit your existing space. We understand the main acoustical properties important in home theater design and buildout – Absorption, Diffusion and Reflection and where these elements need to be positioned for the best possible sound quality.

A great sounding home theater can bring your entertainment experience to life! Call us today to learn how we can you with your home theater or dedicated listening room.