How Do Home Theaters Get the Perfect Sound? Experts Share Their Tricks of the Trade

Home theaters are growing in popularity as designs are evolving to become more multi-purpose. With an increase in design possibilities comes a plethora of tools as well as the need for acoustical experts to complete each custom home theater project.

While home theater trends are ever-evolving, the most important component of any home theater project remains: the acoustics. Whether you use your home theater for viewing films or as a gathering space for socializing, the acoustics and the overall sound are critical – they must be perfect in order to enjoy your theater to its fullest.

But how do acoustical experts and home theater builders get to that perfect sound? They’ve got to have real expertise, know-how and the right products. To better understand how it’s done, let’s break down a few terms that are essential to understand as you contemplate the acoustics in your theater at home.

Diffusion – Performance Acoustics Co-Founder Scott Rhodes explains, “Imagine a water hose spraying water in a dense stream; if you place a rain head attachment on to the hose, it begins to spray in a more effective way, covering a much larger space. Sound diffusion treatments work in a similar way – they break up the audio waves and fill the space more evenly with quality sound.” This is how you get that “all-around” sound in a great theater instead of having pockets of sound here and there.

Another tool in the acoustical expert’s toolkit is a Tuned Absorber/Diffuser (TAD) Panel.

Tuned Absorber/Diffuser (TAD) Panel – These long panels, manufactured by Kinetics Noise Control, are used to diffuse and absorb sound. This double threat absorbs the sound that you don’t want in your home theater and evenly diffuses the sound that you desire.

Another fancy product used frequently in home theaters is the Starfield Ceiling.

Starfield Ceilings – This out-of-this-world treatment has a purpose that’s two-fold – a cool look and acoustical panel coverage. This ceilingtreatment is made of a special fabric with small holes in it and, hidden behind the fabric is a fiber-optic cable. This cable along with the fabric creates a starry night sky effect. The Starfield Ceiling application not only looks magical, but covers the functioning acoustical panels on the ceiling that provide superior sound diffusion.

Now that we know more about the power products these magicians employ, let’s learn more about who these experts are and how you can get ahold of them to make your in-home theater pitch perfect.

Over the past few years, Performance Acoustics and Kinetics Noise Control have joined forces to create one-of-a-kind, visual and auditory masterpieces in home theaters across the United States. “Kinetics Noise Control is the Cadillac of isolation products,” remarked Performance Acoustics Co-founder Steve Floyd. This dynamic partnership between Performance Acoustics and Kinetics Noise Control has traveled to California, Texas and Florida, just to name a few, constructing an average of 20 custom home theaters each year.

To learn more about designing and executing a home theater project of your own and achieving stellar sound, contact Scott Rhodes at Our team looks forward to tackling your in-home theater project!

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