Noise is Reduced in Community Clubhouse

This past fall, a South Carolina (SC) community clubhouse, Cobblestone, had a need for noise reduction.

“Since we use the clubhouse for meetings, cards, dinners and the like, folks were shouting over one another and the noise was unbearable,” remarks resident Henry Frantz. “We needed to reduce the noise and fast.”

Henry submitted his request to the Cobblestone community HOA and the group voted in a noise reduction / acoustical project for the clubhouse. The group selected Performance Acoustics to tackle the noise reduction job. In just one afternoon, the Performance Acoustics team was able to cut the clubhouse reverberation (time it takes for sound to travel) in half – from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

“The shorter the reverberation time, the easier it is to hear inside of a space,” explains Performance Acoustics co-founder, Scott Rhodes. “Closed spaces like community clubhouses often do not have sound absorption but instead reflective materials. These reflective materials cause sound to bounce around the room like a Ping-Pong ball for several seconds before resting, making it terribly difficult to hear. For Cobblestone, we reduced that time down so that now these older adults can enjoy and hear one another.”

“Performance Acoustics really took care of our problem,” reports Henry Frantz. “You can’t keep a man from shouting, but you can dampen the reverberation of his shouting,” he joked. “We’re having a much easier time hearing one another in the clubhouse since Performance Acoustics came in and did their magic.”

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