Restaurant Acoustic Solution in Charlotte, NC

Most people have had the experience of dining in a restaurant that was way too noisy and reverberant. It’s hard to communicate with the person sitting directly across from you and next to impossible to talk with others when in a group setting. And it seems that great food and excellent service can not make up for frayed nerves and ringing eardrums. And the bottom line is this – if a restaurant is too loud many people will not return and most of these will never tell the staff the reason why.

We can help. Since 2001, PA has been the go-to source for turn-key acoustical solutions for restaurants. Want acoustical solutions that are bright and colorful and fit with the existing décor – we can help. Want acoustical solutions that blend in so well that you do not even know they are there – we can help with that also.

Performance Acoustics provide a turn-key solution – from initial testing and analysis thru layout and design all the way to the installation of materials and follow-up testing, we are with you every step of the way. We’ve treated lots of restaurants and have great references for you to talk to, so give us a call today to learn how we can help you create a more enjoyable atmosphere in your Charlotte, NC or Columbia, SC restaurant. Call (888) 998-0575 today.