Specialty Acoustic Products

Performance Acoustics carries and installs specialty acoustical products to be tailored to your specific project needs. Some of our featured product lines include:

KINETICS™ Noise Control Products

KINETICS™ IsoMax Sound Isolation Clip
KINETICS™ Sound Damp2
Pinta Acoustic Products

pintaacoustic BALANCE and BALANCE PLUS Ceiling Clouds
pintaacoustic CONTOUR® Ceiling Tiles
pintaacoustic SONEX® One Panels
pintaacoustic SONEX® Valueline Baffles
pintaacoustic SONEX® Clean Baffles, Panels and Ceiling Tiles
pintaacoustic SONEX® Classic Panels
pintaacoustic SONEX® Junior Panels
pintaacoustic WHISPERWAVE™Panels, Baffles, Ceiling Clouds and Awnings
Sound Seal Products

SoundQuality® Acoustical Ceiling Tiles
SoundQuality® R-100 Baffles
SoundQuality® Acoustical Wall Panels
SoundQuality® Noise Barrier Wall Panels

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